Shopping @ eDdo DiDo

1) Before you make up your mind of course, the first step would obviously be to browse for the shirts of your choice and when you have come up with a decision, fill in and email us this order form below:

Contact number:
Item code:
Name of the item(s):

2) After emailing your order, wait for us to reply. we will probably respond to your email in a day or two, but if we fail to do so, send us another email (just in case we are busy or any other technical problem)

3) Then, when we reply your order, we will provide you with the total amount you have to pay and our banking details for payment (if needed).

4) After receiving our email and banking details in the specific amount, please inform us immediately (by replying our email or text us if needed).

5) Then, bank in the amount requested A.S.A.P (not more than 2 days) and scan or take the pictures of the receipt and mail to us again with these details (for security purpose and evidence of payment) :-

Date of transition:
Time of transition:
Place of transition:

6) After we received your second email (payment) we will post your item of choice as soon as possible. we will also provide you with your parcel's tracking number.

7) Finally, the transition is complete the moment the parcel arrive @ your place and BOOM!! nice doing business with you people ;)

Gracias for shopping with us ;), if you guys have any brilliant idea please do let us know by email us or contact us directly.

p/s: please read the "DOODLE OF DA EDDO DIDO"

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Hello to those t-shirt fans!!

1st of all, thanks for all the support and critics :). We'll improve our designs, and systems.

2nd, we'll be launching our new designs by next week if there's no problem with our supplier and our tight schedule.

3rd Tie One and Brad Pitt design is still available. Due to high demand we already made a re-print of the design. So, for those who haven't get a chance to have our 1st batch design please do so while stock last.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Selling Fast!!!

Hello people, thanks to all that supported us, buying our products and advise us about our fashion design. FYI we will releasing our 2nd Batch of designs on July, so hope you guys can wait till then. And, the Brad Pitt & Tie One design is selling fast, so if you're interested please place your order ASAP while stock last. :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Brad Pitt

size: S, M, L
price: RM23.00
status: available

Tie One

code: ed-d1
size: S, M, L
price: RM25.00
status: available